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4 Uses for a Tie – 50 Shades of Grey Style + [Contest to win FREE Ties]

4 Uses for a Tie

Whether or not you’ve read the books, you’re familiar with the hype surrounding them; we are talking, of course, about E.L. James’s 50 Shades of Grey book series. Fortunately, we are not talking about the books in this article.

No, dear readers, in this article we are talking about four ways to get more (fun) out of your ties, 50 Shades of Grey Style.

We believe that one of the surest ways to keep your relationship spicy hot is to put forth a little effort and be creative. Why ever stop trying to seduce and impress your lady? We say there is no good reason. We say you always have reason to want to light a fire in your lover’s loins.

So with that, we bring you silk ties and seduction. Enjoy.

  1. It is well known that our lady loves enjoy wearing our clothes when we aren’t around. They wear our sweat shirts and pants, our tee shirts and favorite team jerseys, and even our boxer shorts! Why not ask your lady to give you a striptease while wearing one of your dress shirts and silk ties? When she’s done, you can move right into…
  2. …blindfolding. This works particularly well if you have some feathers or perhaps some more silk ties lying around with which to use as objects for sensory excitation.
  3. Lightly draw your ties (or feathers) across her bare skin, paying close attention, of course, to the sensitive bits! Following the tickling sensation with kisses will get her juices flowing!
  4. If you’re both feeling adventurous enough, try binding her wrists or ankles together, perhaps utilizing a prop like a chair or bedpost. This would be a perfect opportunity to revisit number three on this list while she is your captive, unable to escape your silk tie and feather tickle torture. Just don’t neglect the kisses.

Of course, you want to use the finest quality silk, with its luxurious softness, for an exercise in seduction such as this; what could be more appropriate than a handmade, 100% silk tie from Private Stock (except and including feathers)?

You never know when the inspiration for seduction will strike; make sure you’re prepared! Visit Private Stock to see our huge selection of the best ties you can own.

The tie used in this photoshoot can be found by clicking here.

4 Uses for a Tie - 50 Shades of Grey Style


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