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No matter how you define the phrase “family ties,” it applies to us — the family of Gary and Jane Cahn and the ties we make under the Private Stock, Russell and GJ Cahn labels.


Gary worked for two neckwear companies before he became a husband and founder of GJ Cahn in 1985. He met Jane while buying piece goods for a tie company. It was love at first stripe, which blossomed into medallions, paisleys and children.

Gary has been in the tie business for 33 years, and Jane for almost as long. They have seen the fiber and fabric revolutions, they have seen the wide-and-narrow pendulum swing more than once. They have seen the bold and the dignified, the novelty and the classic. They have witnessed neckwear being “rediscovered” and reinvented by each generation of young men. They have seen message ties, like the “power” tie, the school tie, the company logo tie, the special event tie, and all the other ties that have something personal to say.

What has remained constant for them is quality — the finest silks, skilled craftsmanship, exquisite designs and colors, devoted customer service. The Cahns are dedicated to two goals; producing great neckwear, and great kids.


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