Welcome Martin Gordon Oliver Cahn

The Cahn's got a new puppy!  MARTY!!!!!!!!!!!  We love Marty!  We've had him since Saturday.  We all forgot what a lot of work a new puppy is, but we are all happy to have this sweet little mini red poodle.  

Marty came from a poodle breeder in Ohio.  He took a 2 hour car ride to the airport and 2 plane rides just to get to us.  The minute we saw our Marty we were ALL SMITTEN.  He almost doesn't look real. 

Back from Chicago

A week ago we were in Chicago!  This was Russ's first trip to the windy city.  Russ loved Chicago just as much as we do!  He's hooked.  Also, Russ's line of NARROW neckwear was VERY well received!  YOU GO RUSS!  

Now we are back in New Jersey busy picking and packing up all the orders.

Next on deck - YUP we have already begun designing the next line of TIES!  Spring Spring Spring - the happy color time!  

Another MRket Show is Complete

What?  Another Trade show is complete?  How the heck did that happen?  TIME FLIES!   Seriously!

We debuted the RUSSELL line of narrow ties - and it was very well received.  

We also came out with a couple of different pocket squares and moons which also did quite well!  YIPPEE!

Next weekend we will be off to Chicago - this weekend the Charlotte show is going on.  See, time really does fly.  Before you know it it will be Labor Day and summer will be a fleeting memory.  Can you tell FALL is my favorite season?


I woke up early

And did this!  Who doesn't love a fresh blueberry muffin?  Now I have 11 left with no one else in the house who eat these.  JUST ME!  Guess these beauties will will land in our freezer.   I think I will take a muffin with me to MRket next week.  YUUUM!

Time to clean up and head to the pool.  

Happy Sunday/Funday!

Hot Diggity Dog!

WOW do I love hot dogs!  Russell, my luncheon date, took me to an old established hot dog stand in our great state of NJ.  These dogs did not disapoint!  

Can't wait to go back again - in a YEAR after I digest!


Private Stock Menswear is introducing something new this summer at the Trade Shows!

We are selling Pocket Moons - in wool prints for Fall!

We had a little RAIN!

We've had over 7 inches of rain since Friday here in NJ.  Our gutters can't handle all the water.  Neither can we!  Slosh Slosh Slosh!  

This rain came from the first named storm of the season - Andrea - my sister-in-law's name!  HAHAHA!

My love of Pinterest and Instagram!

I have a routine like most people out there.  I get up, I multi task, I work work work.  Then at the end of the day I start up my other job - making the dinner for my family!

Gordon Oliver Cahn

JULY 29, 1996 – APRIL 29, 2013

As you many of you know, we lost our great Poodle named Gordie last week.  Everyone who met our Gordie LOVED him!  He was a very well mannered fun loving poodle and he will be missed by all.