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I’m BAAAACK to blogging!


Hello my garmentoes and various other fans out there in this land of the internets!  It’s been waaaaay too long that I’ve been silent.  Well maybe not for you out there, but for me YES!  So instead of going BACK – I’m looking forward and from here on in it’s all ties, cooking, scarves, poodles, bow ties, and family fun in my little bubble here in New Jersey!  YIPPEE!

On a fashion note, we are nearly ready to debut our FALL 2015 neckwear line!  It’s been MONTHS in the making!

On a personal note, let me introduce to you our 2 poodles Martin G and Teddy (or Teddy Teddy Bobeddy as I loving call him).  Our furry children will be featured quite often because we are such dog lovers!

So here’s to a prosperous Fall 2015 season to ALL!

Best, Jane M


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