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Men’s Fashion Labels That Will Up Your Wardrobe Game

Photo Credit: Orley

Photo Credit: Orley

There is a lot to read about women’s fashion on the web, but there is comparatively less about men’s fashion online. For men who like to stay up to date with fashion and the latest trends in designer men’s wear, we have something that might make your day. When you’re finished checking out this compilation of some of the freshest designers of menswear, you just may find yourself dropping some coin on some hot new threads. So here we go:

Tres Bien is a Swedish designer brand that was founded back in 2006. The four friends who created the brand have earned mentions in top magazines all around the world. They have designed street wear that captures eyeballs and makes heads turn as you walk down the streets. The clean lines and relaxed attire of their latest collection will ensure men look stylish yet casual at the same time.

Visvim, founded by designer Hiroki Nakamura, started out as a premium men’s shoe brand. Mr. Nakamura’s designs are at their core, about the passion of craftsmanship.  He creates masterpieces of street fashion using the highest quality fabrics, leathers, and dyes while also utilizing the best hand-crafting techniques. If you’re someone who revels in the glory of the finest materials fused with the best possible materials, you just might want to include some pieces from Visvim in your wardrobe.

Our Legacy is a yet another Swedish brand that knows what men want out of their garments. Brothers Simon and Hannes Hogeman create classic garments that are stylish yet comfortable to wear. Their designs combine the sensibilities of high-fashion with streetwear elements for a look that says “I want to look good, but I don’t want to look like I’m trying.” Custom fabrics and clean, simple designs from Our Legacy make sophisticated yet coolly-casual dress for men a no-brainer.

Ovadia And Sons is the success story of twin brothers who grew up in Brooklyn with no formal training in fashion, Shimon, and Ariel Odavia. Their designs combine luxury aesthetics and sportswear comfort that want to make you feel as unique as you are. Whether you’re rocking one of their cotton tee shirts or a pair of their wool flannel trousers, you will be feeling as clean and fresh as you look.

Orley; If it seems like today’s popular designer labels are a family affair, Orley is a brand that only serves to cement this concept. Created by siblings Matthew Alex and Samantha, is a fairly recent brand that has been winning fashion journal awards and the attention of fashionable men since its inception. Their designs are irreverent, elegant, and colorful, with a focus on luxury knitwear made of top quality fabrics.

Public School Nyc, in 2013 won the Swarovski Award in the category of ‘Young Men’s Designer’, which is nothing short of a testament to excellence. The duo behind the brand, Dao-Yi Chow, and Maxwell Osborne, design and manufacture the entirety of their collections in NYC. Their designs combine high and low fashion elements and fabrics from the best Japanese, American and Italian Mills with exquisite detail. If you prefer darker colors and simpler designs that are elegant or casual, then Public School NYC just might pique your interest.

Ernest Alexander; though it is the last in our round up,  it’s as worthy as any other brand mentioned before it. Ernest Alexander whose grandmother and great grandmother were Latvian seamstresses and immigrants post-WWII grew up with fashion in his blood. He started his label with men’s bags and later expanded into men’s fashion wear thanks to the success and love his bag designs received. Ernest Alexander could be called the man’s man designer. His vision is to create timeless pieces that men will treasure for their simple elegance and quality craftsmanship.

If you can’t find a few pieces to up your wardrobe game from these excellent labels, you may just be beyond help. Just don’t blame us if you spend your weekend slush fund on your flashy new duds.

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