May 22, 2020
Bleach (Anime) add (All reviews)
Fallonator32 (All reviews)
As one of the 'big three' I felt I had to watch it eventually, I've watched Naruto, and I've decided I can never watch One Piece for a few reasons. So, Bleach was on the hitlist.

Story 9/10 - Some of the arcs in this series were truly epic, yeah the filler arcs were unwanted, but that's how it is with big anime. So I try to focus on the canon arcs and as I said, they are epic. The way it finished at ep366 was bittersweet, but I'm glad to hear the show is coming back!

Art 8/10 - The characters and their swords/powers are all unique enough to make them distinguishable, which is always a good thing. The world is a little dull, but I've seen worse. I will admit though, as the years went by, the art style became 10 times better.

Sound 10/10 - Easily the stand out part of the anime, the intros are mostly awesome, but where it shines is the battle music, the great orchestral instruments make the fights seem so emotional and brilliant. Yes, definitely the greatest in-show music I’ve witnessed in anime.

Character 8/10 - Many of the character, whether protagonists or antagonists are full of style and emotion, they are fun. The only downside is that they are all arrogant and believe far too much in their own power no matter what. There is decent character development throughout.

Enjoyment 9/10 - There's plenty of action, comedy, suspense, everything you need really in an anime. If anything it's a little too fast paced.

Overall 9/10 - A great anime that has undoubtedly inspired newer anime (such as demon slayer.) Not many anime can go on for so long and keep the viewers interested. Bleach holds a special place with it's viewers where, it isn't anyone's favourite anime, but not many people dislike it.