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The Blazer: What is it, what do you wear it with, and how do you choose one?


The Blazer is the middle ground between sports coats and suit jackets. It’s a little dressy, but not too dressy, and it’s versatile. Blazers are differentiated from sports coats by a few traits. They are solid in color, and usually dark. The classic example is the dark navy blue blazer. Their texture is fine and smooth, and they are usually made from wool, but can be constructed of hopsack, tweed or other materials. Blazers come in single- and double-breasted variations with high-contrast buttons made of brass or finer metals, or materials such as mother-of-pearl depending on the craftsmanship of the coat. Both single- and double-breasted blazers boast only a single breast pocket and two waist pockets.

Blazers aren’t meant to be part of a suit. They aren’t fitted like a suit jacket would be either. Blazers are meant to be worn more casually, and are great for layering, so they make great coats for general wear in colder weather.  You can make a snappy looking outfit with a blazer and jeans, or corduroy, or khaki or hell, even shorts – depending on the material, color, and fit.

So how should you go about choosing one? For starters, simpler is always better when you’re just learning about anything; blazers included. You can’t go wrong with your classic navy blue blazer. The fit should follow your shape, but not too tightly, you want a little room to layer one or maybe two lighter shirts underneath. The cuff should show just about half an inch of your shirt cuff and the length should be just long enough to extend to the tip of your tailbone. These are of course merely guidelines and if you want to ensure you get a good fit (which you should), get fitted by a tailor and then get the blazer tailored to your specifications. Nothing says you have your shit together like having tailored clothes, and, believe it or not, it’s not as expensive as you might think to have a few alterations made.

Stop waiting for the style police to come knocking and go get yourself fitted for a blazer. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your wardrobe for a while but haven’t known where to start, this is a good place. Do a little research and go get yourself a new coat, sir.



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